Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dodger is Doing Great

Do you remember Jeeves the police horse I told you about who saved a 2 day old foal who was abandoned out in a field?  Here's a follow up story on Dodger the foal and he's doing great!!

Here's the first story about Jeeves I blogged about in May.  ~Declan

Delightful Dodger proves artful in recovery

Dodger is getting stronger by the day
Dodger is getting stronger by the day.
Dodger the foal, who owes his life to police horse Jeeves, is proving a delight, Redwings Horse Sanctuary says.
Dodger was found abandoned in a field in South Norfolk in mid-May, when he was just two days old.
His saviour was police horse Jeeves, whose actions almost certainly saved his life.
Jeeves, who is the partner of Mounted Special Constable Acting Inspector Richard Tallent, had been turned out after an afternoon patrolling the rural lanes of Norfolk as part of a police initiative, Operation Randall, which also includes Redwings Guardian horse Bert and his caregiver, Nicola Rix.
When Tallent checked Jeeves after dark, he noticed that the 14-year-old bay gelding was on edge and kept nervously looking to a neighbouring field.
When he investigated, he found a cold, bewildered new-born foal clearly confused and alone.
Police were alerted, but an owner was never found.
Dodger, as he was named, was brought to Redwings’ horse hospital and given round-the-clock care.
Gin enjoys a romp in the sunshine.
Gin enjoys a romp in the sunshine.
He is now doing well and is going out in a field for a few hours each day with his new friend Ross.
He is a delightful little foal who loves to play and then stretch out for a snooze in the sunshine, Redwings says.
Dodger is the second abandoned foal to join the 1200 residents at Redwings in recent weeks.
Gin, a chestnut foal, was found alone and cold in the Mountain Hare area of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, and taken in by the RSPCA.
His mother and owner were never found, and the RSPCA approached Redwings to take him in.
He received two-hourly feeds and lots of care and was matched up with surrogate mum Monique.
However, after a few weeks of company it became clear that Monique was getting a bit fed up with Gin’s exuberance, so he has now been found a new friend in the shape of lovely long-term Redwings resident Noel, who is much more patient!

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