Sunday, June 10, 2012

Habitat for Horses Website

The new Habitat for website is now online and the old site is but a memory. This is a collective scream of success for all of us. The old website was a collection of outdated information because we seldom had anyone available to keep it updated. The new website is updated from the office, which will make a BIG difference.
The articles (I dislike the term “blog”)  will be on the new website, not through In other words, if you are a subscriber, you’ll need to subscribe again to receive notifications of updates. All the old articles will be there, but the website will have a totally new look. Comments will be on and moderated.
Now online – Habitat for
Check it out. No need to report glitches, broken links, missing horses… all that will take a little time and our web mistress is working on it even as you read this.
Thank all of you for your support for the horses. Together we have and will continue to make a difference!
Jerry Finch

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