Sunday, April 14, 2013

"IT'S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL" Campaign - Children 4 Horses

I have started a new campaign named "ITS NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL".  I thought of the name "ITS NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL", when I was talking with my mom about how even if you're a guy, you can like animals too. We started brainstorming ideas to raise awareness for animals that would be fun and get everyone involved. It seems like society makes guys think that it is cool to hurt animals, and I said "ITS NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL", and then I said, "Hey, that is the perfect name for the campaign!"  

Have any of you guys heard some one say you are wimpy because you like animals or try to help them?  Well, it is actually VERY cool to like animals and to help them.  

Please join my campaign by posting a picture of yourself, with an animal (if possible) and your stories on my Children 4 Horses Facebook page.  Make a sign if you want that says "IT'S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL" or even "Real Men Are Kind to Animals", to hold for your picture.  It's OK if you don't, just send me your picture and I will put the slogan on it for you.  Be creative and have FUN!  

If you are a girl, you can say something like " ITS NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL Got that boys? on your picture ;-)  I will be using your pictures for a special project, which I will be sharing with everyone.  

I love all the pictures I have gotten so far - I can't believe how many there are!  And they have been from people from all over the country and even the world!  Some are shown on this blog post, but there are many, many more on my Children 4 Horses Facebook page. I even got one from Congressman Jim Moran (VA) - go to my page and check them all out!  Each picture tells me that there is another person out there who loves and cares about animals and that they know cruelty to animals doesn't make you cool.  We need to share this message with everyone and teach kids that compassion doesn't make you a wimp or uncool.  I am really glad to see that so many people are enjoying my campaign and helping to spread the word that "IT'S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL". ~Declan


  1. Keep up the good work, the world needs more just like you !

  2. my name is Emily.i am 11 years old an i luv horses!!!!! i want 2 join your fight for the wild mustangs. please let me know if there is anything i can do to help!! send me a letter at P.O box 47 Kingsland,Texas.

    1. Hi Emily, I sent you a letter with some ideas on how you can help America's horses, both domestic and wild. Let me know when you get it! :-) ~Declan