Monday, April 22, 2013

Girls Ignore Social Taboo, Take Up Horseback Riding in Saudi

These AMAZING girls decided to stand up for horses even though they weren't supposed to be with them and ride them!  I think that is SOOOO brave of them!!! ~Declan

Girls ignore social taboo, take up horseback riding

Last updated: Sunday, April 21, 2013 10:07 AM
As posted on Saudi Gazette
Saudi girls have increasingly been challenging social taboos to take up hobbies such as horseback riding. — Okaz photo

Adel BabkairOkaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Ignoring social taboos on horseback riding, an increasing number of Saudi girls are taking up the hobby despite many challenges and difficulties.

Okaz/Saudi Gazette met some of the girls who have been practicing this sport and spoke to them about their experiences.

Latifah Al-Yousif, 13, said she fell in love with horseback riding after watching Saudi equestrian Dalma Malhas perform.

Al-Yousif said she told her father she wanted to take up horse riding and he agreed and even encouraged her to excel and participate in competitions.

“My dad loves to come with me and watches me in action. I wish one day I will be like the great Dalma Malhas. She is my role model when it comes to horseback riding.”

Joud Fahmi, 19, said she fell in love with horses when she was a child.

Growing up, she became a member of an equestrian club and took horseback riding lessons. Fahmi said her mother encouraged and supported her from the beginning.

“I owe it to her that I can today ride horses just like professionals,” said Fahmi who wants to represent the Kingdom and take part in global tournaments. She one day hopes to buy her own horse.

Many girls said they do not want to compete professionally and simply took up horseback riding to enjoy the sport. Taleen Al-Ghatis said she loves horses and took horseback riding lessons because she finds the sport to be relaxing.

According to experts, horseback riding boosts one’s self-confidence and physical efficacy and is an overall great form of exercise.

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  1. I applaud their courage to stand up for what they love and believe in. These girls parents should be proud of them for taking a stand and following their dreams. If we only had their courage to take a stand for what we believe in our pets would be safe instead of being slaughtered and served with wine in a country most of us only hear about. Americans better find their voice before we're sent to slaughter as well.