Monday, April 2, 2012

Day Three of My DC Trip

By the reflecting pool in front of the Capitol Building

When I woke up on Wednesday, I was really excited to meet with Emily Lynch from Senator Ayotte's office!  After my mom and I had breakfast, we went to Senator Ayotte's office to meet Emily and talk.  When we got there, I met Emily and she said that she was proud of what I was doing and was impressed by everything I was doing for the horses.  
Me in front of Senator Ayotte's office
Signing in at Senator Ayotte's office
Emily talked with me and my Mom about what is happening to our horses and took down notes that she said she would pass on to the Senator.  My mom directly asked her why Senator Ayotte was not a co-sponsor of S.1176 and Emily said because they need to have a plan of what to do with all the unwanted horses.  My mom politely answered that there is no such thing as an unwanted horse and that kill buyers actually out bid people who would buy the horses and give them good homes.  My mom and Emily talked for awhile about a lot of the myths around horse slaughter and I was surprised that there was so much she didn't know about the business. 
Emily Lynch and I at Senator Ayotte's office

Emily asked me how I started fighting for the horses and I told her about how I saw my Mom researching something on the computer and that she was upset and sad, so I asked her what she was so upset about.  My mom told me about what is happening to our horses and I wanted to help make it stop.  My Mom also gave her some information about horse slaughter and how it is done and why it should be banned and said we would be sending her more information.  

After our meeting,  my mom and I went to the botanical gardens for a little while before our flight home!  The flowers, bushes, and trees were so cool and amazing!  They had a kid's garden and I planted a flower and watered it.  I wonder if it will be there when I go back someday? 
Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in front of the Capitol Building
We walked around Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. a lot the three days my mom and I were there and we saw lots of statues and pictures of horses.  We even saw paintings with horses in them right inside the Capitol building!  It was so cool!  Seeing all the horses showed me how much America loves horses and that they aren't food to us, but are our companions.
Statue in front of the Library of Congress
After we landed in Boston, I went to meet the Captain of our plane.  The Co-pilot was there this time too and they both told me I was very brave for going to DC to stand up for the horses and to keep going and not give up.
I would like you to still send me letters, which I will bring to Congressmen and Senators.  I will not be giving up and my mom and I will call all the people we met in D.C. to keep talking with them about why horse slaughter should be banned forever.  I would also like to go to Washington D.C. again and do more things to help save the horses!  Please spread the word about what is happening and do your best to make horse slaughter stop forever!  I even have stop slaughtering horses written on my hand!  Thank you everyone who wants this evil to stop and BOOOO to the people who want this evil to go on.  

Send letters to me at:

Declan Gregg
C/O Children 4 Horses
PO Box 614
Greenland, NH 03840





  1. wow did you have fun and here is my blog

  2. Hi Declan. You did a great job in DC! It is a trip you will never forget. I hope you liked my book, "Wind, Wild Horse Rescue" and share it with other people who want to help the horses. It was wonderful to meet you and your family at the NHSPCA. Hope you can get some rest now after all of your hard work! Happy Easter to you and your family. Denise Brown, author/illustrator of horses.

  3. Hi My name is Hannah and have also been running a blog on horse slaughter for a while now! you are doing a great job with everything your doing to help horses it makes me feel good knowing im not alone in trying to stop this terrible thing! I dont understand why we need horse meat! theses are Gods creatures, his gift and weather Obama believes in the lod or not its not right. We eat deer, we eat cow, we eat pig, sme people even eat snakes or moose!!! Thisis not fair there is enough meat for us to eat with out endangeing another species!! thank you for everything your doing!