Saturday, April 14, 2012

Talking with Mark & Karen of the WOKQ Morning Waking Crew

This week, on Wednesday, I went to the WOKQ radio station to talk with Mark Ericson and Karen Kiley of the WOKQ Morning Waking Crew.  All the equipment they had there was really cool and it was really exciting because now more people know what is happening to horses.  I hope they listen and send me their letters for me to bring to Washington DC when I got back for the Horses on the Hill event on April 25th.

Here's my address again:
Declan Gregg C/O Children 4 Horses
PO Box 614
Greenland, NH 03840

Below is a video my mom took of the interview.  It was kinda dark in there, so the color looks a little funny.  Thanks again to Mark Ericson, Karen Kiley and Don Briand for helping me to raise awareness about horse slaughter!  ~Declan

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