Saturday, April 14, 2012

Horses Have a Soul

This is the story of a wild horse stallion rescuing a foal in his herd from drowning and dying.  Horses have feelings just like us and I feel that this story proves that.  This story is amazing because the stallion Champ, risked his life to save hers and it also proves that animals do have feelings and care for each other.

(Taken from the Salt River Wild Horses Facebook page)
Photo of a horse named Champ after Gene Autry's Champion - the Worlds Greatest Horse. I gave him his name on this day back on June 30, 2011 after I watched him save this young filly from drowning. I was photographing Champ's family when another group of horses came to the other side of the river to drink. Watching yearlings playing on the opposite shore, a small group from Champ's band began to cross the river. This young filly was following them. First on the upstream side of the group, then in the middle where she began to panic. In no time she began to be swept down stream. Champ broke from the group to save her. First he tried to grab the filly by the side of her neck but couldn't get a good hold so he went around her to get a hold of her by the neck. He held her firmly and didn't let go until she was safely on shore beside her mother. The soul of a horse is bigger than man knows.

This is a link to a video of Becky Standridge talking about what she saw and more pictures of what happened and how Champ saved his filly.
Still shot video of Champ saving filly from drowning

Here's a link to a news story about the Salt River Wild Horses on Arizona's 12 News.
Arizona 12 News story on Salt River Wild Horses


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