Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stop Horse Slaughter!!!!!

I was thinking about what I was going to say to Congress at school yesterday and came up with this so far:

Hi my name is Declan I am 9 years old this is what I think about horse slaughter and why it should stop forever.

How would you like to have your eyes cut out on the truck and get trampled on and then be whipped and beaten into a slaughter house and be slipping in your own blood then be stabbed in the back multiple times like in Mexico or shot in the head with a captive bolt and usually they miss and would you like to be strung up by your legs and have your neck slit and bleed to death how would you feel?!!

That is what is happening to our horses. If you wouldn't like that how do you think the horses feel?  Horses are not treated fairly, what did the ever do to you to be killed this way?  When I see pictures and videos of this inhumane way to kill horses I look at their eyes and see the most hurt and scared eyes that I have ever seen!  How would you like to be treated so unfairly?  Our horses should be treated fairly and with respect!

Horses have helped us build our economy and this is how we thank them?  How would you want to be treated after you did so many things to help others?  Kindly - that is how our horses should be treated!

How would you like to live in a town with a horse slaughterhouse and have no clean water just blood and insides from horses in your water system?  How would you like to worry about being hit on the road by a person driving one of the trucks that is sending horses to slaughter because they drive so badly!  

I hope you stop this unnecessary evil.  Please support and co-sponsor H.B. 2966 and ask your fellow Congressmen to do the same!

Thank you for listening,


  1. Declan God bless your kind heart. Maybe throw something in about how you are not alone that 80% of the people feel the same way you do.Way to go young man!

  2. You would make a good horseman because your very clear with your thoughts. I would consider sharing some ideas on how to fix the over population (breeding) of horses that has created this problem to begin with - breeders need to be held accountable; ie. paying taxes for the sales of horses. Set your message up for success. Just like good horsemanship - I'm proud of you for being able to watch the horrors of what slaughterhouses do to all of our animals. Most people do not want to know. Keep up the great work, guardian of the horses. I think your building on something here that make take on a great new path for kids. The bracelets are an awesome idea too!