Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is It Bad Enough For You?

My new Facebook page "Children 4 Horses" now has 130 people from all over the country and even from countries far away like Saudi Arabia and Romania on it - I can't believe it!  It makes me very happy to know that my message is reaching so many people!  If you haven't already visited, please go to the page and "like" it at:

I watched a video today that I think you should watch too.  I can't believe that this even happens to horses.  It made me cry to see the video, but my mom wanted me to let you know it's not graphic.  I cried because it made me so sad to see horses treated so badly.  I really wish all of this would just stop and that people would leave horses alone and let them just live happily!

The video is by Laura Leigh, a horse advocate who is the Founder and President of "Wild Horse Education" and Vice President of "Wild Horse Freedom Federation".  Laura Leigh is usually out in the field during wild horse round-ups trying to get information back to everyone about what is happening to America's wild horses.

Please watch her video and stand up for American horses!!  And don't forget to send me your letters for me to bring to Washngton, DC with me.  I need your letters by March19th, 2012, so I have time to organize them before I leave on my trip.  Send letters to me at:
Declan Gregg C/O Children 4 Horses
PO Box 614
Greenland, NH 03840

Here's the video for you to watch.  ~Declan

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