Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My First Letter Against Horse Slaughter!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I got my first letter from someone who read the article about me on Sunday!  I am so excited and surprised!  I googled my name and lots of links came up to the article in lots of different places!  I am so glad because now I feel like I am making a real difference and raising awareness about horse slaughter and how cruel it is to the horses.  There have been lots of comments on the article, my blog and on different web pages and blogs where they put a link to my article.  The comments make me feel like I am being listened to and helped by other people.  The comments have been really encouraging and make me feel like I need to do even more to help the horses.  People have been saying how inspired they are by me and proud of me for using my voice to speak up and raise awareness about something people don't like to talk about.  I have gotten lots of great ideas for my letter writing party too!!

Yesterday I was at soccer and my little brother spotted my article being read by someone and he told my Mom.  The woman started talking to me and told her daughter who I was and all about how I am trying to save the horses and about my letter writing party at the NHSPCA in March.  The daughter said she would paint rocks for me to sell so I can raise funds!  I am really excited!

I can't believe how many different places the article is being talked about!  I have had people view this blog from as far away as Finland, Taiwan, Japan, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Canada, Aruba, Australia, Russia and Argentina as well as all over our country!

PLEASE help flood my mailbox with letters for me to bring to Washington DC to tell our government that we care about our horses in this country!!

As someone has said to me....


Here are just some of the many comments I have been receiving on other blogs, Face Book pages/walls and different web pages.  I hope they make you feel as happy as they make me!!  ~Declan

**This is fantastic Declan! What a hero for our horses!!

**Declan…you are truly an inspiration! I truly hope that your voice and message resonates throughout Washington D.C. like no others before you. As R.T. would say, “May the Force of the Horse be with You”.

**Declan is an amazing young man and I am so proud to have him as my friend. It makes me very, very angry that people supporting horse slaughter say children have no right to voice their opinion. Declan and the other children who are speaking out against the horror inflicted on our horses will grow up to be concerned and informed citizens, which is what all of us should strive to be. Too many adults are sitting by doing absolutely nothing, thinking "somebody else will take care of this". Horse slaughter never is and never will be humane, whether it is in this country or elsewhere.
**Declan. What an amazing child you are. I know when you speak your concerns will show in your voice and will be sincere. You are an inspiration for all children to follow. Our four legged equines cannot speak for themselves and to have one so young speak for them is truly a love that cannot be measured by any means. All of us that love these animals will be with you when you are in Washington D.C. and we will remain committed as you are to save all of these beautiful animals. May God go with you and help you to win the fight for our beautiful horses and burros. And as tzfitch said above, “May the Force of the Horse be with You”... God Bless you for what you are doing and we will be the victor for these beautiful animals. 

**You Go Declan Godspeed to you Iam behind you 100%...Be our and the Horses voice!!!!!!xoxoxo

**So very proud of this young man and his parental guidance! To learn now that his voice counts is an important lesson in life and ensures he will continue to make a difference in righting the wrongs of our Nation. Hats off to this family and to Dedan! I have no doubt you will accomplish great things in your life time! May God always walk beside you Declan!  

**Power to the kids ! Thank you Declan !! Your compassion is contagious and I hope your actions will inspire many others across this nation – you show great leadership and that is what makes you special – dealing with a complex issue that needs exposure and the truth to come out against a profit-driven propaganda where of course animals are exploited once again: horse slaughter, a most predatory, brutal industry.

**Declan, I am so proud of you and to have you fighting for all horses everywhere. You are now a Horse Warrior!! ... I will be sending requests to others to write letters for you to bring to D.C. and have a great time expressing your view and strong stand against the cruel, brutal and inhumane act of horse slaughter. Hey, we could also use your strong will and powerful voice to help save our wild horses and burros from continuous cruel roundups by helicopter, to be put into holding pens across the U.S. or ending up in slaughter. There are close to 50,000 mustangs in government holding pens. Thanks for all your hard work, Declan and go get em'!!!!

**Stacie: You as his mom teach your son the values he can be proud of. Education is the sole tool and young people are the next leaders (or crooks) – so it is imperative we teach them the reality, and influence them with our views... I hope Declan will inspire hundreds more...

**Thank you young sir for taking on this noble cause. If many more of us could step out on our beliefs we could accomplish great things. Keep up the good work. The horses are lucky to have you.

**...As for Declan Gregg. Bravo to this young man. He is representing the youth of America in a most extraordinary way. He should be congratulated for his determination to right a wrong.

**Declan...you are truly an inspiration to horse lovers everywhere. We have turned into such a 'throw away society' and horses, unfortunately, are caught in the middle of this mentality as are many other species. As a society, we need to take a pro-active stance and thwart the overbreeding. Let's fix it on the front end so there is nothing to take care of on the back end.

**So heartwarming to see our children making a stand on a subject that shouldn't be a controversial issue given the facts. Wonderful that our children have passion and if it takes their voices to turn congress to sit up and take notice then let them roar and be heard. Horse slaughter must be stopped for our U.S.and Canadian horses. Children all over America are showing that we have a future generation that we should be extremely proud of, that we should never underestimate.

**Thank you for doing this article. It restores my faith that there are kids out there who do care about something. Maybe it will inspire others to take action as well. If there are other kids and young adults who care about horses being kept safe and not being slaughtered, please take a few minutes to visit Declans blog. It will show you were to start and how you can help. This is a topic that has been kept quiet for far too long. Inadvertent or not, our lawmakers have written a law in NH that allows the horse next door to become dinner at your local eatery...A 9 year old gets it, why cant the grown ups? 



  1. Hi Declan, this is the first time I have had a chance in a few days to visit your blog. "Wow!!" is an understatement for sure. You have proven to everyone that if you have love in your heart and passion in your beliefs, and most importantly, ACT on those passions and beliefs, miracles can truly happen. I am hoping to get some of my letters from the children of friends here at work to you very soon!

    Keep up the good work Declan, as I know you will. I cannot wait for March 27th to get here and for you to be able to speak to our members of Congress. Yes, as our good friend R.T. Fitch says "May the force of the horse be with you"!

  2. Declan,

    I have some really awesome news!!!! I told my 4-H horse club about you and we all want you to come and talk at our barn about what you are doing and other stuff like that.

    ~Lauren email me with any questions or concerns at lauren@sowildforhorses.com!

    ps My group is writing you a letter and as individuals,so expect a lot of letters in the mail in like 1-3 weeks!!!!

  3. Hi Declan, I am a friend of Lauren's, and also in her 4-h group. Everyone was very excited when Lauren and I told them about you. Lauren also said something about selling stuff at the SPCA. If so, what should we bring?

    1. Hi!! I think you should bring anything you can make that you think kids or adults would like to buy to help fundraise. Maybe your 4-H club can make different things for me. They don't have to be horse things, but that would be great too! I was talking to my mom about having bracelets made that say "Children 4 Horses" on them to sell too. Do you think that's a good idea? When do you meet for 4-H? I am excited to get to go meet with you and tell you more about what I have been doing!

    2. I thinks that is a great idea. We can totally make the bracelets. Our 4-h group meets every other Wednesday. If you have any other questions contact
      me at:



    3. I think we should make bracelets too! That's a great idea!What would you like the bracelets to be made of??


    4. Hi Declan! I am also friends with Ella and Lauren and I am in their 4-H group. I think that we could make bracelets and sell them. It's a good idea and meeting with you will be a really cool experience for me, as well as our entire group. I hope to see you soon! -Laila

    5. I really don't mind what they are made of. Do whatever you want - be creative! My favorite colors are red, orange,and blue! When is your next meeting - when can I go talk to you guys? ~Declan

    6. Our next meeting that you could come to is on March 14th. If that doesn't work for you, we can do march 28th. Lauren and I could bring supplies for the bracelets too.

      Hope you can make it!


    7. Our group was thinking about a Saturday, but we aren't exactly sure yet...

    8. Stacie and Declan,

      Sorry I haven't been able to respond to your email. It does not seem to be working right now. We can communicate through my gmail: frenchfrypony@gmail.com


    9. I need the letters by March 18th so I can get them organized for my trip. I leave on the 26th. A Saturday would be great because I wouldn't have school or sports, but I will try to come another day if you need me to. ~Declan

    10. O.K. Does that mean that March 14th would work? We could do the 17th also, if that works for you.


  4. You rock! Love your drawing and yes, you are making a difference! I am very proud of you! Love is never wasted! It makes you feel good about yourself when you give from your heart as you are to the horses! Thanks, keep it up!