Thursday, February 16, 2012

Letter Examples From Two Sisters :-)

Here are great examples of letters from two sisters that show you how ALL children can write letters for the Children's Letter Writing Campaign!!  They are talking about the same horses, but each wrote and drew letters that are very different and show their age difference.  Please write or draw whatever you want about horses.  It can be poems, letters about your experience with horses, why they are special to you or even just draw me a picture!

I need letters and drawings by March 17, 2012 so I have enough time to get them organized to take with me to Washington DC.  Send letters to:

C/O Children 4 Horses
PO Box 614
Greenland, NH 03840

Next week I will be speaking to two Girl Scout troops (2nd and 4th grade) and hopefully a 4-H Club too. Keep your eyes open for my new posts!!  ~Declan



  1. this is really great stuff, I hope DC has their boxes of tissues handy !!! And you Kids rock !! Keep us informed, Declan !!

  2. Hi Declan. Didn't know if this report might help your cause:

    Wingspan Arts Intl.