Sunday, February 26, 2012

Declan Stands up for Horses

This is a video I made as part of my fight to end horse slaughter.  I am hoping that people will share it all over!  Let me know what you think and if you like it  :-)  Thanks mom for all the help!!  ~Declan

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  1. Declan, My name is Angel and I am 17 yrs old.I live in Tennessee. Ive been around horses all of my life and they are 100% my passion and life. My family and i have a little country farm and we began rescueing horses in 2008 and we are struggling to still do it now but with gods help we will keep going as long as we can. When I saw your video it inspired me to talk to you because here in clarksville we have put on fundraisers,fun shows,bake sales, and even car washes to raise money to send to the aspca,humane society, and other rescue associations. Many locals have come to the conclusion that the main problem with the horse slaughter is that as long as people keep breeding and buying horses or even adopt some out of the wild, there will always be too many horses which in turn allows the slaughter houses to stay in business. If we could get it big enough," You shouldnt breed or buy while homeless horses die", We could possibly get people to stop breeding horses at least for now. We are overpopulated with horses in the U.S. Im not sure if you saw it or not but a few weeks ago on the news here, There were 30+ horses discovered in a tractor trailer that had been involved in an accident on the interstate. The horses were from a farm in lebanon called "three angels farm". This was suppose to be a rescue facility but in fact the owner was taking in horses and shipping them to a slaughter house in mexico. I would really like to learn more about the campaigns that you are doing so maybe i can put something together here to help out. Im connected with horse rescues all over the United states and even over seas. I know many of them would be more than happy to help you out. Our 4H group mite even be able to get involved. We have alot of kids with a deep intimate passion for horses and they would do anything to help them. We have 2 veterinarians here that have helped out on more than one occasion when we would get a large group in or even just one or two horses.I will share you story everywhere i can think of. I will try to get enough kids involved to have more than 115 letters for you to take with you. We want to help as much as we can in your fight against horse slaughter. If you are able to contact us, Our farm is called Patchworkz Horse Farm.You can find us at or we are also on facebook. My email is . We are a rescue and rehabilitation center that takes in broken,hurt,abused,starved,neglected,mistreated,and abandoned horses; and we work with them on trust, basics, training, vet treatment, care, guidance, acceptance,ect so they can get back to being themselves again and have a chance at a better life. I myself work with other peoples horses,i provide farrier service,lessons,clinics,equine education classes,and we also do equine therapy for children. We are dedicated to doing whatever god will allow us to do in order to provide the horses with a better life. We have not only been taking care of our horses lately but due to the economy many other rescues are looking at loosing their facilities and even their homes to save the horses and so we have been trying to not only rehome ours but theirs as well. I want to say you are such an inspiration to soo many people and I wish you the best. I know you will do great things and let god be with you. Phillipians 4:13 " I can do all things through christ who strengthens me." Horses are gods creatures, and you were right they never did anything wrong to deserve such a horrible thing to happen to them so they should be left to run free in peace. The movie "Spirit:the stallion of the cimarron " for example. I really hope this works well for not only you but the horses as well.I will be praying for you every step of the way.I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for everything you are doing. God bless you, your family, and the horses!!!

    ~Angel Swiderski
    Patchworkz Horse Farm R&R