Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Not Just About Mustangs: The Battle Over Burros

THIS CANNOT CONTINUE!!  I can't imagine being treated like this.  The helicopters are flying way too close and are knocking the burros down and the man with the blue shirt is beating a burro, pulling it by the tail and ears, when it obviously just simply cannot get up from exhaustion and probably dehydration (watch his nostrils flare and his sides heaving).   Treating animals this way doesn't make you a "real man", it makes you a COWARD!  We need to leave these poor animals alone and leave them in the wild where they belong!!  ~Declan

Marietta Wild Burro Range (taken from the BLM website)

It's not just about mustangs: the battle over burros


Criticism of roundups is not limited to wild horses. In this video, wild burro advocates document "aggressive" roundup practices.

By Lisa Myers and Michael Austin  May 14, 2013 8:03am, EDT


  1. Who the heck are these people?? they need to have the same thing done to them!!! wish I would have been there!!!

  2. I'm sure money is at the root of the's so hard to imagine anybody wanting to hurt one of these animals. Life is sacred but some people just don't get it!

  3. Frustrated uneducated people do things like this to animals when the run out of answers.

  4. What a bunch of cowards!!! What goes around comes around and I pray that when you lay your heads down at night, you don't get no sleep until you change your ways and turn your cowardly ways and your abuse towards animals into compassion and love for them. May you receive what you gave to those poor innocent animals. The man in the blue shirt ought to be glad that I'm not anywhere near him because the despicable coward would be earless and much more less and you helicopter drivers are just a bunch of gutless idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!! You are a disgrace to mankind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Isn't it just totally heartbreaking? I have been helping Marjorie Farabee, Karen Luce and many others in order to stop the Burro shootings at the Big Bend Texas State Park. Burro's (wild) and Donkeys (domesticated) same species however, have been treated so inhumanely for centuries. Jokes are made at their expense, and because they have been so marginalized for so long, they tend to be ignored completely and the cruelties that are carried out against them. That is what you are witnessing on these roundups. They are so much more crueler to these animals because of the misconceptions perpetrated about them. These animals are as sensitive (if not more so) than the horse. They have also fought our Wars, carried the heaviest of loads, and additionally helped our Country as well, all with no complaint. Today they are used in therapy and are doing amazing work in this field. Thank you Declan for speaking for them and making people aware of their plight. It is an honor to know you dear Warrior.

  6. I'd like a few minutes with that c**t in the blue shirt, give him a bit of what he seems happy to dish out to that poor animal.