Friday, June 28, 2013

Feds Approve Horse Slaughterhouse in NM; Say Permits Coming for Iowa and Missouri

PLEASE contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to cosponsor and support the SAFE Act (H.R.1094/S.541).

Use these links to find your legislators to give them a call or send them an email and be sure to thank them if they are already a cosponsor!  ~Declan


Feds approve horse slaughterhouse in NM; say permits coming for Iowa, Missouri companies

Jeri Clausing, File/Associated Press - FILE - This April 15, 2013 file photo shows Valley Meat Co., which has been sitting idle for more than a year, waiting for the Department of Agriculture to approve its plans to slaughter horses. Federal officials have granted the southeastern New Mexico company’s request to open a horse slaughterhouse, adding Friday June 28,2013 that they plan to grant similar permits to operations in Iowa and Missouri

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Federal officials cleared the way Friday for a return to domestic horse slaughter, granting a southeastern New Mexico company’s application to convert its cattle facility into a horse processing plant.
In approving Valley Meat Co. plans to produce horse meat, USDA officials also indicated that they would grant similar permits to companies in Iowa and Missouri as early as next week.
With the action, the Roswell, N.M., company is set to become the first operation in the nation licensed to process horses into meat since Congress effectively banned the practice seven years ago.
The company has been fighting for approval from the Department of Agriculture for more than a year with a request that ignited an emotional debate over whether horses are livestock or domestic companions.
The decision comes more than six months after Valley Meat Co. sued the USDA, accusing it of intentionally delaying the process because the Obama Administration opposes horse slaughter...

<CLICK HERE> to read the full article posted on the Washington Post.

It is more important than ever to contact your legislators and ask them to cosponsor and support SAFE (H.R.1094/S.541) and to fight for protection of America's horses from slaughter and transport to slaughter!! 

PLEASE CALL TODAY and tell them you do not want your tax dollars to be spent on horse slaughter!  The fate of our horses and burros both domestic and wild, lies in our hands - we HAVE GOT TO FIGHT for them!  Use these links to find your legislators and their contact information:



PLEASE stand up and be a voice for our horses!!  It only takes a few minutes to make your call and be counted as one of the over 80% who are AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER in our country!  

I will fight until we have won for the horses!!  ~Declan

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