Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Horse Whisperer That Breaks Wild Mustangs Shows Russell The Ropes

I would LOVE to be a horse whisperer - it sounds like just the sort of challenge I need! Watch the videos at the bottom of this post to see Mike Branch in action!!  ~Declan

Horse whisperer that breaks wild mustangs shows Russell the ropes

12:27 PM, May 1, 2013 | By Russel Biven As posted on WBIR 

The wild mustang saddles a mystique that few American animals carry. Its muscular body and relentless spirit have been used by millions of United States soldiers in war, and it continues to roam the western plains today.
But while its population grows, the land around it does not.
Mike Branch of Grainger County has been hired by the Federal Bureau of Land Management to help.
"There are roughly 35,000 in captivity that need good homes," says the expert horseman.
Branch gentles several dozen mustangs each year. Then, he tries to get them adopted, but it's the way he does it that's brought him worldwide attention.
He's one of an elite group of horse whisperers, much like the character played by Robert Redford in the movie by that name.
"You have to develop a relationship so that the horse is willing to trust you with its life," says Branch, who does countless demonstrations at horse shows across the country.
Members of the royal family even invited Branch to England a few years ago to teach his techniques.
"As far as the horse world goes, this is why I'm here," says Branch.
Now, he might have his toughest challenge yet, teaching 10News anchor Russell Biven to break and ride a wild mustang using his techniques.
"Well," jokes Branch, "if he gets bucked off it should help ratings."
To learn more about Branch's efforts to help the mustang, go to

Horse Whisperer Mike Branch

Horse Expert Mike Branch offers some advice on taming wild mustangs.  (32 Minutes)

Russell Biven breaks a wild mustang

For the past three days, Russell Biven has been sharing the incredible work done by local horseman Mike Branch-- taming mustangs. (3.5 Minutes)

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