Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ottawa Refuses To Say Whether Drug-Trainted Horse Meat Entered Food Chain

Some truth about horse slaughter and where the horses really come from.  Horse slaughter is about food production, not humane treatment of horses.  The majority - 92% - of horses are between 5-7 and are of good health, they are NOT starving, abandoned horses and they weren't raised for slaughter either.  They came off tracks, they were a riding camp horse someone didn't want to keep over the winter, some one's pony/horse they out grew, they were even simply stolen.  EVERY horse is at risk of slaughter!!  ~Declan

Saturday, March 30, 2013
9:48 AM EDT
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Star investigation: Ottawa refuses to say whether drug-tainted horse meat entered food chain

The Star traces a former Stronach racehorse’s life from birth to the slaughterhouse and makes an unsettling discovery: serious flaws in Canada’s food inspection system are putting our health at risk when it comes to horses destined for the food chain.
A Star investigation has found that Canada’s food inspection system has serious flaws when dealing with the thousands of racehorses sent to slaughter every year that end up on tables in Europe, Asia and even Toronto.

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  1. This barbaric industry is ripe with fraud and corruption, and supported by the Canadian govt. It is absolutely outrageous that the spokesperson for the CFIA ADMITS to the fact that the EID system is an honour system.Can anyone believe that a KILLBUYER who has a contract to supply Horses for slaughter is going to be truthfull on the EID form, or better yet that the slaughter house is testing less than 0.18% of the Horses and then calls it a good system. Ritz KNOWINGLY supports what is taking place, and when time to answer for fraud, corruption and inhumane slaughter that has been CONFIRMED he is no where to be found. This only scratches the surface of what transpires in this industry.The slaughter plants in Quebec seem to be the ones with disturbing allegations.Seems to me there is a investigation going on now over fraud and corruption in Quebec. If you think the Horse meat scandal taking place in Europe could not happen here THINK AGAIN.