Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Declan's Adoption Angel Special Update on 12/12/12

Declan and Scarlet  Photo Credit - Tammy Hardy

I have some pretty incredible news to share with everyone!!  I not only reached my goal in only one weekend, to be Scarlet's Adoption Angel, but I exceeded it, and raised $747!!  (Some donations were sent to my PayPal account directly or were called in to the New Hampshire SPCA, so they don't all show on the ChipIn).  And remember how I told you a very generous person offered to match $300 in donations?  Well, I have a special thank you for Adrian and his wife, Jennifer, from Mav's Rescue Friends, who raised my current total to $1,047!!  

I am so excited and happy to know that so many people care about horses and wanted to help my girl Scarlet.  This means so much to me and I cannot thank you all enough!!  

My ChipIn is open through the end of the year, and since I exceeded my goal for Scarlet, I am sure you are wondering where the extra money will be going and what I am up to next  ;-)  Well, I'm going to keep it in the family!  Scarlet has a super cute brother named Troy, who also lives at the New Hampshire SPCA and I want to help him get the care he needs too. 

Troy came in to the shelter on November 1st, 2010 with nine other horses including his and Scarlet's mom. He was a about a year old, a long yearling, like Scarlet is now, only tiny and pathetic. He was skinny, completely untrained, not even halter broke and covered in ringworm and rainrot from his ears to his tail.

Fast forward 2 years to now, and after gelding, food, grooming, care, and tons of love from the great staff and volunteers the NHSPCA, Troy's ready for some formal saddle training and I want to help! Getting Troy the training he needs this winter, will help him be more adoptable and ready to find his forever home. 

Please help me raise the money needed to be Troy's Adoption Angel too.  You can contribute to my ChipIn by clicking on the button or by directly using PayPal and sending a "gift".  My account is: dg4horses@hotmail

My mom said my family will be paying all the fees PayPal has been charging so that all the money you are donating will go directly to the horses.

I still can't believe I reached my goal so quickly. Thank you so much for being so generous and helping me remember the animals at Christmas!   ~Declan 


** We will be covering any and all fees charged by ChipIn and/or PayPal so that 100% of the money raised goes directly to the horses!! **

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