Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Girl Who Remembered Horses Book Review

Here is a book review I wrote about a brilliant book by Linda Benson titled, '' The Girl Who Remembered Horses.''  She wrote a great book and I hope you read it!  It is a wonderful read for enthusiastic readers!  ~Declan

I recently read a book written by Linda Benson titled, “The Girl Who Remembered Horses”.   It’s a story about a girl named Sahara who thought horses were more than a source of food.  She finds a valuable book and learns that her ideas and visions are true.  Sahara’s quest is to save the horses before the cruel hunter Dojo kills them all.  Can she save them?  Following horse tracks up a small river she discovers a helpless baby with her dying mother!  Can she save the horse and convince her clan that horses can be useful companions as they were in the past?

Ms. Benson is a skilled author and can grip the reader’s attention as easily as gripping a pencil.  Her book was vivid, with wonderful descriptive words and it drew me right in to the story!  I fell in love with the wonderful adventures of her book in the first couple of minutes!  Ms. Benson tells an amazing story full of well described characters, which is suspenseful right to the end.

Linda Benson’s book is a good read for anyone who loves a good story, an exciting adventure, and most of all someone who is totally fascinated by horses!  Her book is a unique, vivid, fast- paced story!  I could barely put it down.  I loved it!!!

“The Girl Who Remembered Horses” is a number one book on my list.   You will love the story and brilliant writing.  It’s a must read and I can't wait to read Ms. Benson's other books!

You can find "The Girl Who Remembered Horses" by Linda Benson on Facebook by clicking here.

For more information on the author Linda Benson and her other books for young readers and where to find the book, check out Ms. Benson's website here.

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  1. Hi Declan,
    I read Linda Benson's book, too, and agree with you completely! The Girl Who Remembered Horses is a wonderful book that really makes people think about many possibilities. Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful insights into her book, and so glad for your support for horses!
    Valerie Ormond, author, Believing In Horses