Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scarlet The Yearling

This is an essay I wrote for a school assignment.  I love to write, and really enjoyed writting this essay!  I think this is one of my best essays ever and is definitely my favorite!  I truly love horses, especially my favorite girl down at the NHSPCA Scarlet!  I hope when you read this, you can see why horses are so special to me!  ~Declan

By Declan Gregg

The horse is a wonderful, mysterious creature.  Horses are so wonderful because you can form a connection with them and have an exciting relationship with them.  I love to visit my local shelter and visit the horses.  I have one favorite, and her name is Scarlet.  I love to lie down and watch her trot around in the hot sun.  I also like to rub her and groom her.

When I visit Scarlet, I hear her hooves pounding.  They sound like thunder boldly booming and cannons firing swiftly down to earth.  I hear a whinny and see her prance around in the beautiful sparkling sand on the ground.  She snorts as she flicks her tail as fast as lightening in a great storm!  When I look at her I feel wonderful and want to be with her.  I hear her snort happily as I feed her treats.

I smell that wild and free, good smelling scent, as I caress her glossy mane.  I see her beauty as she runs and the sun gloriously reflects off her hind legs.  I think if God made anything more beautiful and glorious he would have kept it for himself.  As I smell the treats I give to her, my nose scrunches up at the delectable smell.  I see her graceful head as she takes a drink of the new, fresh, and clean water I just gave her.  I also hear the loud slurps as she gulps down some of the water.  Then she looks at me, and seems to be saying “more, more, more!”  I laugh and rub her smooth back as she eats.

I watch her rip up the grass as if she is ripping paper, and imagine it might taste bitter and maybe a little dull.  I see Scarlet eat hay, and I imagine it might taste like hard spaghetti.  It makes me want to eat seeing Scarlet eat.  I want to eat a big, juicy, lovely shade of orange clementine!

I love Scarlet and wish she was my horse.  She is so great!  I would love to be a horse, and be her brother!  It would be so awesome to be a horse.  It would be a piece of heaven to be a horse.  Horses are a joy to be with any time.   I feel a glorious feeling, like joy rushing into my heart when I am with a horse!  I hope I can have a horse of my own one day. 


  1. She is a real beauty indeed Declan, and even though you don't have a horse of your own right now, I know you are happy that you have Scarlet in your life, and I am most sure she is happy to have you in her life. Do you know how they came to name her Scarlet? I was thinking maybe after the high-strung heroine of "Gone with the Wind" fame, but she was Scarlett with two "t"s!

  2. Dear Declan, Scarlet is a very lucky horse to have such a smart, responsible and loving person - you - in her life. And I enjoyed reading your feelings about the specialness of horses. I think they are God's most beautiful animals. Wanting a horse is understandable. Having one is hard sometimes, but a very worthy goal. God bless you and your great big heart. Please keep writing.