Sunday, October 28, 2012

Declan Filmed for ASPCA Video at Humane Awards

A film crew was here last month to help tell my story at the ASPCA's awards luncheon.  It was an AWESOME experience and Kate Milliken, the producer from Milligrace Productions, was really cool and GREAT to work with!!  

There was a bunch of really cool equipment and both Mrs. Milliken and Justin, the camerman, showed me how things work and I got to look through the camera and hear the sound through the headphones.

I had to put on a cool microphone that made Justin able to hear everything I said!  The crew was very kind to me and very helpful.  

Since I don't have a horse of my own, my friend let me use his pony named Riley that he leases, to get some video footage of me with horses.  Riley lives at a beautiful farm owned by a friend of my mom's who she used to ride with.  It was a GREAT place to spend the day!

Riley was a very nice and well behaved pony, who willing walked with me and was great to get to film with!

After the crew had me walk Riley around they had me go and sit down and they positioned a big microphone above me.  

Mrs. Milliken asked me all sorts of questions like, "Why are you so passionate about horses?", and "Why does this issue matter to you?", and "Were you nervous when you spoke to Congress and Senate about this terrible issue?"

Mrs. Milliken put my dad to work and had him hold up the reflector to get the lighting just right for my interview.  She also interviewed my mom and dad for the film. 

I had a really fun time and enjoyed myself very much!  It was an interesting experience and I learned alot.  I can not wait to see the video because I am sure it will be wonderful!!!

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