Sunday, October 27, 2013

Goat Becomes Blind Horse's Guide for 16 Years (VIDEO)

Animals do have feelings.  Just because they don't talk like us doesn't mean they are dumb, unfeeling creatures!!!  R.I.P. Charlie and Jack.  ~Declan

Goat decides on its own to guide blind horse for 16 years (video)

A really touching video about a woman who owns a goat and a horse, and the beautiful relationship that develops between the two animals.

At one point, the horse, Charlie (yes, Charlie-Horse), went blind. She decided that it was time to put him down, but what happens? Their goat, Jack, somehow befriends the horse and starts leading it around.

This goes on for 16 years.

Finally, at around age 40, Charlie the horse dies. Shortly thereafter, the goat starts to slow down and it’s clear his time is almost over as well.

“Who would think that a goat would take up with a blind horse and spend years doing nothing but babysitting this animal, just because he needed help?”
Jack the goat, and Charlie the horse.
Jack the goat, and Charlie the horse.

It’s just such a beautifully moving story.

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  1. Our rescue farm had a blind horse,Stevie Wonder, that had a seeing eye goat named Albert for many years. Albert just knew and took Stevie everywhere in confidence. Animals have so much compassion and understanding. Great story. Thanks for sharing