Monday, February 11, 2013

Amazing Rescue After Horse Gets Stuck In Blizzard Snow

WOW!! Amazing rescue for sure!!~Declan

Amazing rescue after horse gets stuck in blizzard snow

Posted: February 10, 2013 at 7:25 pm on WHDH 7 News

NATICK, Mass. (WHDH) -- A 34-year-old horse in Natick got stuck in the snow on Sunday.
Owner Jamie Bastian says it all started with the loud sounds from a snow blower.

"He had gotten panicked from it so he ran out of the barn and he tried to get into the paddock and our land slopes and he slipped on it and he sort of slid underneath the fence,” said Bastian.

Rescuing a horse is no small job, and the horse owner had to call for backup.
“And his hind legs got stuck underneath the fence line and after a while of trying to dig him out, we realized we needed help and we called the fire department,” said Bastian.

Luckily, firefighters raced to the rescue.

"They really helped us. They helped take the fence off and they used different methods to try to get him up,” said Bastian.
In the end, they used a backhoe and straps to pull the horse up.

"He's doing great and we're just so thankful that the firemen helped us so much,” said Bastian.

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