Saturday, September 15, 2012

Horses Do Bond

Horses have feelings too and this story proves it.  This horse is willing to help and protect a blind horse from danger.  A horse's instinct would tell them to stay away from the blind horse because it would make them more vulnerable.  ~Declan

A most remarkable bond between two horses

September 13, 2012  By: Heidi Ruck

There is a picturesque old property in our town that used to be a working farm. Its barns and fields are mostly silent now, except for one fenced paddock in which two horses graze contentedly.

At a distance, these two horses appear normal – one is a bay color and the other is a chestnut. They are always beside or near each other, grazing in the same direction. Both horses most certainly are best friends.

If you walk up to them, you’ll be astounded. One of the horses is blind in both eyes. He belongs to a humane owner who chose not to put him down but instead is giving him a safe, loving home. That’s amazing these days!

If you observe the horses a while and listen, you’ll soon hear the tinkling of a bell. It is attached to a breakaway halter worn by the sighted horse – the bay – and each time he moves or takes a few steps, the bell rings softly. This lets the sightless fellow know precisely where his best friend is, and he can safely follow or move next to him.

As you watch these two horses more closely, it becomes apparent just how tight their bond really is. The big bay is on constant vigil, and checks on his blind friend often, while the blind buddy listens for the tinkling sound and moves nearer. He shows complete trust in every step.

Observing these two remarkable buddies is a pleasure, made more astonishing by their silent communication, the absolute and total trust, obvious bond and mutual comfort they derive from each other.

When the owner calls his horses home to the barn, the bay immediately responds and leads the way, periodically pausing to be sure the blind friend is coming too. In this way they go to the barn each day. The caretaker horse assures himself frequently that the blind buddy is close behind.

It’s just as amazing to see these two go to the watering trough or decide where to graze. Their communication is subtle. An occasional nod, nibble and nicker can be observed. They never quarrel. They run and romp and frolic just like to sighted horses. Mainly, though, these two have an amiable and caring relationship.

These horses have an owner with heart. Both hustle to him when he’s in sight or if he calls. Family members visit them often, bring them goodies and give them a fair share of brushing. Both horses whinny when they become aware that the owner is coming.

Watching these two horses always cheers me up. I find them remarkable. Best of all for me – the horse lover - I can see a loving care and friendship between horses and humans that warms my heart.

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  1. Wonderful story Declan! Thank you. Marsha Hoak