Saturday, September 15, 2012

Veterinarian Signs Postcard Posse Cards Against Horse Slaughter

Me with my postcards at the veterinarians  :-)

This week, I went to our veterinarian's office with my mom to get all our pet's their annual check-ups and my cat's teeth cleaned.  I brought postcard campaign postcards with me and guess what - not only did the person at the front desk sign it, but everyone else did too!!  

The postcard posse is a great way for you to tell your legislators you are against horse slaughter and want to see it stopped and I am happy to have teamed up with the campaign to create a design for them.

Please use this link to get your postcards.  You can choose my design or the original and can get any amount you want.  You can even get "thank you" postcards for legislators who are already co-sponsors.  If you get a bunch, you can ask your friends to send them too!!  Postcards come with stamps and address labels so it's really easy to send them - you don't don't even have to look up your legislators address  :-)

Here's the link for the Postcard Campaign page on Facebook,  If you "like" it, you will get updates from the page.

Help me get my postcard with myself and my favorite girl Scarlet, on every legislators desk!!  Please don't ever stop fighting for our horses - I won't!!

And don't forget to visit my Children 4 Horses page on Facebook!!



  1. Fantastic! I will be passing along the info & website for Postard Posse on to our horse friends on Twitter! Keep up the great work Declan!