Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5-Year-Old's Pony Shot K

I'm really sad that Kinsey's pony was shot.  I hope it was an accident and not on purpose and that Kinsey will get a new pony to love on soon.  ~Declan

5-year-old’s pet pony shot

Posted: Aug 21, 2012 9:57 PM EDT Updated: Aug 22, 2012 8:11 AM EDT
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A young girl who saved up enough money to buy a horse is now heartbroken. Her equine friend was shot to death in his pen.

A lot of little girls grow up loving ponies. And family members said 5-year-old Kinsey Lane of Ferris decided at the ripe age of 3 that she wanted one of her own. So she started saving her money.

"We've never had a baby doll. We've never had a Barbie doll. She just wanted to play with horses," her mother Shannon Lane said. "She started saving nickels and dimes and a dollar when she cleaned her room. She saved birthday money and she would even do without when her sisters got ice cream from the ice cream man."

The day finally came when all that pocket change added up to $450, enough to buy a docile 9-year-old blue roan listed on Craigslist.

"It took to her like water. It loved her, and she loved it," Lane said.

Before long Kinsey and Flicka, as she named it, were inseparable.

But the little girl's world came crashing down on Monday when she discovered Flicka has been shot in the neck.

"Next thing I know she comes running in the house screaming, ‘Mama, Flicka's dead. Flicka's dead. Somebody shot her,'" Lane said. Others have been contacting Lane through email at

Family friends have started a Facebook campaign to raise enough money for a new pony and so far it has been successful.

The Lane family is beyond grateful. But they are still looking for answers about Flicka's death. And Kinsey is still trying to understand that her best friend is gone.

"Even if it was an accident, I'm right here. All it takes is for someone to come and say, ‘It was an accident. I wasn't paying attention to where I shot and I want to do right by it,'" Lane said.

The family did file a report with the Ellis County Sheriff's Office and the case is being investigated.

Lane said her daughter claims to have seen a man with a gun. But she admits the 5-year-old was pretty shaken up and that may not the true.

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  1. Declan, Thank you for your kind & sympathetic words. Kinsey is trying to be strong. I will send her mom a link to your blog.

    Stephanie Self
    (Kinsey's Aunt)