Friday, August 3, 2012

Hendrick Boards Surf Dog Shirt Design Contest

Here's the link to VOTE FOR MY DESIGN.

I found a company called Hendrick Boards that is helping animals and advocating for them.  Hendrick Boards was founded by 3 brothers who care about animals and want animal cruelty to end and to help every shelter pet find a forever home.  They make skateboards, t-shirts and accessories and when you make a purchase, they make a donation to your local shelter.

Every two weeks, Hendrick Boards has a "Square It", limited edition product that gives 2 times the donation to your local shelter!!  Here's the link to the Hendrick Boards website so you can check them out!!  They are a really cool company and a bunch of great guys!  I'm really glad there are some more guys out there fighting hard for the animals like me!!

Hendrick Boards is having a shirt design contest and I entered my design.  Whoever wins, has their design become the official shirt for their "Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon", on September 9th at Dog Beach, in Del Mar, Califormia.  I worked really hard for several days and made over 20 drafts, and I really hope you like it!!

The picture above is my design and I would really appreciate your voting for my design!!  It would be really cool if I won and to have my design be on their t-shirt!!

Here's the link to VOTE FOR MY DESIGN.


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