Friday, May 4, 2012

My Birthday Wish for Horses!!!!!!

This month will be my birthday and this year, I have a special birthday wish.  I would like to help America's horses by collecting donations for the ASPCA's Equine Fund. I love helping animals!  I think I can help the most horses this way since their fund helps horses all over the country.

The ASPCA Equine Fund's grant programs provide funding in the areas of emergency feed support, large-scale cruelty seizures, capital improvements to improve safety and increase capacity, safety net programs such as hay banks and vet vouchers to help keep horses in their homes when horse owners fall on hard times, disaster support, and training grants to improve adoption rates. The equine rescues and sanctuaries supported by the ASPCA's Equine Fund range in size from small groups caring for barely a dozen horses to groups caring for hundreds of horses a year. Each year groups in about 35-40 different states are helped through the ASPCA's Equine Fund. Last year, the ASPCA's Equine Fund distributed almost $1.5 million to over 160 rescues and sanctuaries in 38 states.

Please consider helping make my birthday wish to help horses come true by making a contribution via "ChipIn".  All money collected, will be given on your behalf to the ASPCA's Equine Fund.  Just click on the link below and it will take you right to the ChipIn I have set up.

ChipIn for Declan's Birthday Wish Find to Save America's Horses

For more information on the ASPCA's Equine Fund and an application to receive a grant, click below:

There is also a widget on the main page of my blog if you need to find it.  Thank you SO MUCH for helping me make my birthday wish come true and helping horses all over the country!!!!  ~Declan

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  1. i have you birthday wish come true i have to ask my mom if i can chip in