Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Testimony at the NH State House

Today, I went to the New Hampshire State House in Concord to testify against horse slaughter now being allowed in New Hampshire. We went to the Legislative Building for the hearing regarding HB1446, which is about meat inspection law(s) in New Hampshire. When we got there, there were a lot of people there and I was a little nervous to speak in front of all those people. I had to sign in and fill out a pink card to say I wanted to give a testimony and how long it would take. While Chairman Haefner was talking in the beginning, I took some pictures of the hearing.  Chairman Haefner said when they wrote the bill, they never even thought about horses being included for meat inspection. Chairman Haefner called the first person up to say what they wanted to say. The first person to speak was Valerie Pringle, who works as a Equine Protection Specialist for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). I was called next to testify and I was a little nervous.

Here is what I said:

My name is Declan Gregg and I am 9 years old. This is what I think about horse slaughter.

I think horse slaughter should stop because it is cruel, mean, gross and inhumane and it is very wrong. When I look into a horses eyes, I see love and the healing hands of God. Horses are not treated fairly. What did they ever do to you to be treated this way? Is freedom to much to ask?

I love horses and I have tried everything I can think of to save theses beautiful, loving creatures and I hope it works. When I watch videos and see pictures about this cruel way to kill horses, I look at their eyes and I see the most hurt and scared eyes I have ever seen. That is, if they haven't already hurt their eyes so they don't kick on the truck (for transport).

I love horses and I hope this cruel way to kill horses stops for good and I hope you do too.

Thank you for your time, Declan

After I testified, Chairman Haefner asked if anyone had any questions for me and one of the Representatives, Rep. Sad raised her hand and said, "If I may, I know I'm not supposed to since I'm a prime co-sponsor of this Bill, but I couldn't resist. Thank you for testifying.  Do you have a horse?".  I said "no" and then she asked, "Would you like a horse?" and I said, "Yes!" Then she said, "Well then Maybe someday, your mom will get you one."  Then Chairman Haefner thanked me and said I did a great job and thanked me for my testimony.

When the questions were over, Chairman Haefner called up the other people who wanted to speak and give a testimony on what they think about horse slaughter.  Those people included, people from the NHSPCA, other horse advocates, the NH State Vet, and even 3 pro slaughter people, but mostly people against the slaughter of horses.  Then Chairman Haefner asked if any one who didn't fill out a card had anything they wanted to say.  One woman, who runs a horse rescue and is against slaughter, said she did, so Chairman Haefner let her speak too.  Then Chairman Haefner talked about having a (sub-committee) meeting next week to talk more about horse slaughter in New Hampshire.  After the hearing was over and everyone was getting up to leave, Chairman Haefner, Representative Sad,  and even another Representative (who is Pro) came over to me and said I did a great job.  A woman named Valerie Pringle, who is an equine protection specialist, from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), came to me and said great job and shook my hand.  Then she gave my Mom her card and said, ''Could you stay in touch and give me your son's link to his blog, please?"  She came back a little while later and gave me a bag with the HSUS logo on the side  :-)  Next, a Swiss farmer came over and offered us a mini horse to keep!  He said she's too small to breed and that I could just have her to keep!!

I feel like I have made a huge difference and accomplished something great!  I feel so, so, so, good about what I have done!  I hope that horse slaughter stops in the US and every other place on Earth!!!!!! 

Stayed tuned for my next entry about my interview last week with Suzanne Bryant from the NHSPCA.


  1. Amazing job!! Thank you for taking a stand for horses!

  2. Great job and such a wonderful chance for you to do this. Just keep up the good work, Declan.

  3. Declan, I am SO proud of you and in awe of your bravery to stand in front of a room full of adults (standing room only), to give your heartfelt testimony. Your true love and passion for horses showed through and you spoke with confidence and conviction. I love you very much and your small voice IS making a difference!! Love, Mom

  4. Great job Declan! I am inspired by young people like you who work so hard to help animals, especially horses, which are my favorite animal too! Keep up the great work!

  5. Job well done, Declan! Very impressive and I am sure it had a significant impact on the legislators. Sometime adults get so caught up in their own thoughts that they need a child to provide a different perspective. Your testimony was well-thought out and meaningful! God bless, Cousin Anne from Florida

  6. I look forward to seeing you as a great statesman. Please bring your family to visit us in Virginia next summer.

  7. Replies
    1. No, but I'm still trying to convince my mom to say yes. We had a long talk about how we would be responsible for taking care of her for the rest of her life and that's a big commitment to keep. I still want a horse VERY badly though!! My mom said maybe someday!

    2. My mom is the same. I will always beg and beg on and on for a horse. I am lucky enough to half lease a pony named Star a.k.a. Legally Blonde! My dad had horses when he was little so he knows all about it. I hope you end up getting a horse someday Declan. You deserve it for working so hard to protecting the horses!