Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Awesome Interview at the NHSPCA

Last week, I interviewed Mrs. Bryant who works with the horses at the NHSPCA.  I interviewed her because she knew a lot more about horse slaughter than I did.  I also used the interview as a way to practice for my testimony at the NH State House. 

Here are the questions I asked:

Do you like your job?
Why do you work with the horses instead of the cats and dogs at the NHSPCA?
Do you have your own horses?
Are you against horse slaughter? Why or why not?
What makes horse slaughter wrong?
Do you think the way horses are transported to slaughter is wrong?  Why or why not?
If we ban horse slaughter what do you think would happen to the unwanted horses?
Where do the horses that go to slaughter come from?
What can people do to help?    

I had a GREAT time, but I was a little nervous.  Here is the audio of my interview:

                                                           I also loved on the horses  :-)

                                              And on the cats!! 

I really hope horse slaughter STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Declan I just had time to listen to your interview with Ms. Suzanne Bryant. And I think you did a very good, thorough job. Ms. Bryant is a very, very knowledgeable person when it comes to horses and why slaughtering them is so cruel, so inhumane and so unnecessary. I hope you will continue interviewing her from time to time and updating us on your findings.

  2. Declan, I think you are an inspiration to kids everywhere. thank you for being so committed and brave and caring enough to stand up and speak for the horses, who cannot speak for themselves. I admire what you are doing. Keep working to protect our horses, and we are also working alongside you. I am enjoying following your mums posts about your mission, and heard you will be doing a writing party! good for you! xxxxx

    from Claire North

  3. Way to go Declan! What a huge topic to discuss and you get to take it to Washington....AWESOME! I have rescued many horses from going to slaughter, I am sure they would all thank you for speaking out for them. It is very sad to see them all packed in a trailer, scared and unsure of what lies ahead. Thank you, our horses thank you.