Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Am Going To Washington DC To Help Save The Horses!

Last night, my Mom told me that I have been invited by the organizers from the Million Horse March, to go to Washington DC in March to help present the letters from the Children's Letter Writing Campaign.  We will be presenting the letters in Chambers to the Congress and Senate and then to their offices.  When my Mom told me I was so, so, so, so, so excited I was jumping up and down and yelling, "I want to go, I want to go!"  My mom asked me why I wanted to go so badly and I said, "Yay!!  Because I get to help save the horses!!"  

I would totally like to go and show everyone in our Nations Capitol how much horses mean to me and other children in our country.  I want to make a difference and save our horses from the cruelty of slaughter.  Like I testified in the NH House, when I look into a horses eyes, I see love and the healing hands of God and I want the Congressmen and Senators to see that too.  My mom said she will do her best to make it happen for me.  

I would like to make a goal of collecting at least 115 letters to bring with me to present.  I hope all of us can help me reach that goal!  Please ask other children to write letters, draw pictures or write poems about what horses mean to them.   Please send me your letters so I can bring them to Washington DC!  Please give or mail your letters to me in NH at:

c/o Children4Horses 
PO Box 614
Greenland, NH 03840

Or you can mail them directly to the Million Horse March Children's Letter Writing Campaign.  The deadline is March 20th, so I would need to get them the week before to send them all off to be organized.  If you send them directly to the Campaign, would you please write my name somewhere on the envelope so I can keep track of reaching my goal  :-)  

For more information, details and a direct campaign address, please visit Equine Welfare Alliance's website at:

Thank you for doing your part to help save America's horses!
I love horses so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Declan I cannot tell you how very proud I am of you! I know that you are going to make a big, big difference in making our members of Congress pay attention. I know sometimes they pay more attention to young people than they do to adults like me. I have two very good friends at my office, who have children I am sure I can get to write letters on behalf of our horses. I will make sure they give them to me so that I send them directly to you. I am sure you will meet you goal of 115 letters.

    Again Declan, thank you for being the wonderful advocate for horses that you are at such a young age. By doing so, you are giving courage to adults to do the same.

    Your friend Rhonda Lanier from Southern Calfornia

  2. Love you taking such pride and passion for all of us...