Monday, May 19, 2014

[VIDEO] Update on Pony Bella and her Foal Butterscotch After Barn Fire

What an amazing and beautiful story!!  ~Declan

This video update on Bella, Butterscotch and the power of maternal instinct will warm your heart

Mother severely burned in a barn fire shielding her foal from the flames.

(Whitney Hanson, N. Texas Humane Society)
Perhaps nothing in this world is more powerful than maternal instinct. Look no further than this incredible and touching story about a pair of ponies, Bella and her newborn foal,Butterscotch.
Last month, the two were trapped in a barn fire on a ranch outside of Dallas. The fire destroyed the barn and claimed the lives of the farm’s chicken and sheep. Firefighters were amazed when they found a badly burned but still breathing Bella laying on top of her foal.
“She actually kind of backed the baby into the corner and stood over her and shielded her from the fire and the debris that was falling,” said Whitney Hanson of the North Texas Humane Society.
Thanks to her mother’s heroic act, Butterscotch escaped major trauma. Bella, however, has been in a fight for her life. Severely burned over most of her body, her prognosis was uncertain at best.
An update from today brings good news.
Despite her injuries, Bella has never stopped nursing Butterscotch. The two still stay close even on walks.
“They’re doing really well,” Hanson said. “We’re very optimistic about their recovery.”
At this point, most of their concern is for Bella.
“We weren’t really sure she would pull through but she had such spirit and such a bond with her baby, Butterscotch, that we think that’s the reason she’s come so far,” Hanson said.

The North Texas Humane Society has taken the two in while they recover as their owners are unable to shoulder the full cost of the treatment. You can donate directly to their care at theNorth Texas Humane Society website. So Pitch in if you can and help Bella and Butterscotch in their road to recovery.

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