Friday, March 28, 2014

The Ugly Truth About Horse Racing

Not everyone in horse racing is dishonest or cruel to the horses, but the ones who are, ruin it for everyone.  And the ones who see what is going on and say/do nothing are just as bad as the abusers themselves.

Please at least watch the investigation video [WARNING: Video contains foul language] - it shows the ugly truth behind horse racing.  With the big races coming up, people need to hear what really goes on behind the scenes of horse racing and get a dosage of truth.  
Unfortunately, from the people at the tracks to those in the comfort of their tv rooms, many will still turn a blind eye.  I really hope that when people learn the truth, it will make them want to make the changes necessary to put the focus on the horses and their well-being, not just on making or winning money.  I really hope that the people who watch horse racing and bet on horses don't know what really goes on because if they do, it makes them just as bad as the abusers themselves.  ~Declan

The Ugly Truth About Horse Racing

An exposé by PETA, published in The New York Times, shows a side of the sport that the industry has tried hard to shield from public view. 

Andrew Cohen March 24th, 2014, 3:31pm ET   As posted on The Atlantic

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