Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 - A Very Special Year Of The Horse

2014 The Year Of The Horse

I was talking to my Grand Master at my Taekwondo (martial arts) school and he mentioned that 2014 is not only the Year of the Horse, but in Korean culture, it's the year of the Blue Horse.  Grand Master Park told me that the Blue Horse is very special and came down from heaven.  I researched the Blue Horse myself and what I found is very interesting and I thought I would share the amazing things I learned with you.  Here is some of the interesting information I found.

In Korean culture, 2014 is the Year of the Horse and the Year of the Blue Horse, which only happens every 60 years and actually doesn't start until the next lunar year which begins January 31, 2014.  The year of the Blue Horse is supposed to be the most progressive and successful year and a more dynamic year than ever before and the Blue Horse is also supposed to bring prosperity and fortune.  People strive to improve themselves and make their lives better.  Korean people like to predict how each year is going to turn out according the animal represented and its characteristics.  Koreans see the horse as a holy animal, ambassador from heaven, and a mystical and beautiful creature.  For Koreans in particular, the horse is a symbol of strength and vitality.  Traditionally, the Blue Horse is known for its adventurous and brisk personality.  In the east, the Blue Horse is known for its vibrant energy.  While in the west, the Blue Horse is considered the same as unicorns, bringing people good luck and fortune.

A painting of the horse spirit general used in
 some Buddhist mourning ceremonies.
(Photo courtesy of the National Folk Museum of Korea)

In honor of the Year of the Horse, many museums and galleries all over Korea are hosting exhibits related to horses, their history and how they relate to people.  Korea has many national treasures related to horses.  Exhibits show art, paintings, photographs and artifacts.  

I think part of the reason I have a connection and affection for horses is because I was born in 2002, which was a Years of the Horse.  Koreans believe that people born in the Year of the Horse are open-minded, optimistic and outgoing.  They are also said to be attractive and humorous, and when they have a goal, they devote themselves to achieving that goal.  I feel that 2014 will be a great year for our horses and that we will end horse slaughter in the United States, because the Blue Horse came from heaven to bring hope, wisdom, and strength.  

I wish you all a Happy New Year.  I will fight until I have won for the horses!  ~Declan

Here's a cool video about the Year of the Blue Horse I found on a Korean tv station.

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  1. Thanks, Declan! I never knew about this. I am not well versed on Western Culture in the least and I am so glad you shared this. I might have to post some information on the Year of the Horse over on my blog so my readers are informed on this awesome, informative information too. Thanks so much again! Have a great week :)