Sunday, November 24, 2013

See Where the Clydesdales Train to Become Budweiser’s Signature Horses

This is pretty awesome! ~Declan

See where the Clydesdales train to become Budweiser’s signature horses

Posted on: 12:39 pm, November 18, 2013, by Staff Writer on Fox2Now

MERRIMACK, NH (FOX NEWS) – At the Anhueser Busch training stables in Merrimack New Hampshire they take as much pride in their horses as they do in their beer.

But, not every horse born in the Budweiser stables is guaranteed a spot on the Clydesdale team.  Clydesdales can be born with a variety of markings.  For a Budweiser horse, the vetting process begins at birth.  A few lucky Clydesdales are shipped off to the training stables in Merrimack New Hampshire. Here they participate in a training program that helps them gain the strength and maturity necessary to make the team.

But, its not all work and no play for these Clydesdales.  A typical day for a Budweiser horse includes lots of playtime and of course lots of hay.

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