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Horse Found on Roof, Question is How to Get Him Down?

AMAZING!! That horse is lucky he didn't go crashing through the roof!  ~Declan

When a ‘bored’ horse decides to climb on your roof, the question is: how to get him down?

Maria Assaf | | Last Updated: 20/09/13 6:28 PM ET  As posted on National Post

Must Win on Pat and Stephen Downey's roof just before they coaxed him to the far end to jump back down into the pasture.
Pat DowneyMust Win on Pat and Stephen Downey's roof just before they coaxed him to the far end to jump back down into the pasture.

Pat and Stephen Downey of Hampton, N.B., have bred racehorses for over 15 years, and thought they knew a thing or two about the beasts. But then, on Monday night, Must Win — a one year-old colt owned by Stephen’s brother — jumped on the roof of their garage. The horse seemed calm enough up there. The Downeys? Not so much. The National Post‘s Maria Assaf spoke to Ms. Downey on Friday:

Q: Do you think Must Win was trying to prove something?
A: Well you know, we had three or four horses who were always with him. They had just been taken to the racetrack to be trained, but he was left alone in the farm. He is going to be sold in the fall and will begin his training later. We think he said, you know, ‘‘You took my friends away from me and I am bored so I am going to get into mischief.’’
Q: How did he get up there?
A: We figure sometime during the night he got up on to the roof.  There is a knoll at the back of the garage, but it’s not really ground level, it’s two or three feet tall, and he jumped it. He is only a year old and hasn’t been handled, hasn’t been broken. They are big animals and they have minds of their own.
Q: So it looks like he had a wild night up there in the roof…
A: Yes, it looks like he had been on the roof most of the night because there was horse manure all over the roof, so you could see where he had walked back and forth. You know, his hooves actually went through the roof at one point; there were holes on it. How he did not fall through completely is just miracle.
Q: How did you bring him down?
A: We tried to go up and walk him off, but you know, he was kind of nervous because he is a baby, so we just chased him off. We got a little branch and just kind of tapped him on his behind and urged him over to the side and just kept tapping him until he jumped over to the grass. It’s just a miracle he didn’t fall from either end of the roof. It’s probably a 10 or 12 feet drop down to the ground. He would not have made it. We were just very lucky.

Q: Had he exhibited any kind of taste for the heights before Tuesday?
A: This was a real shock. He had never gotten into mischief before. He had not climbed anything before this. He was just the typical eat, sleep and drink kind of horse. He likes to just be in the field with his friends, running around, doing the things normal horses his age do. We’ve had horses that got outside the fence because there is a river around there, we’ve had them in neighbours’ backyards, but never Must Win. Never anything like this at all.
Q: Do you think he is showing off some of the tricks he may pull off on the racetracks?
A: We certainly hope so. I mean, his name is Must Win, so I think he must have been thinking about that. Horses just don’t do that. Usually, when you are training to go up on the horse track, they don’t even like to go up on the ramp because it’s at an angle. It takes a long time to train a horse to get on a horse track. You have to, you know, try to get them to step on, so for him to get on the roof it was just a shock.

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