Thursday, August 8, 2013

Segway Polo Is The Wheel Deal

This looks really fun!  I wanna try! ~Declan

Segway polo is the wheel deal

Action from the 2010 European Polo Championship, held in Hemer. Photo: Waddehadde/Facebook
Action from the 2010 European Polo Championship, held in Hemer. Photo: Waddehadde/Facebook

People keen on polo but without the riding skills or the resources to maintain their own string of top-notch ponies should perhaps be considering a more affordable option: Segway polo.

Britain is the latest country making efforts to assemble a Segway polo team to compete on the international circuit.

Like real polo, Segway polo involves two teams of five mallet-wielding players trying to score goals. The regulation field is 61 metres by 39 metres and the goal measures 2.4 metres across.

Now, Nick Magliocchetti, who runs a consultancy specialising in technology ventures, is working to get a team together so Britain can join 10 other countries for the next world championships.

The game originated in California in 2004 and has its own governing body, the International Segway Polo Association.

Magliocchetti told Britain’s Independent newspaper that he hoped to make the game work in Britain, telling the newspaper: “My idea is that it’ll be like a game for gentlemen of tech.”

The trophy on offer at the world championships is the Woz Challenge Cup, named after Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The world championships were established in 2006 when the Silicon Valley Aftershocks played the New Zealand Pole Blacks in Auckland, according to Wikipedia. The result was a 2-all tie.

In 2007, it was played in San Francisco, California, with the Aftershocks defeating the Pole Blacks 5-0.

The event has been held annually since, with 14 teams from nine nations contesting the 2012 event in Stockholm, Sweden.

The latest world championship was held from July 20-24 in Washington DC, involving nine teams from five nations. The Stockholm Saints, from Sweden, won over Team Barbados in the final, 2-1.

In the bronze medal match, the Blade Allstars from Germany beat the Balve Mammuts, (Germany) on penalties.

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