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Meat Dealer Posing as Good Home Taking Horses to Meat

I feel so bad for the horses and people who have been deceived by this kill buyer.  Please follow the tips listed in this article to protect your horse and yourself from anyone who is trying to deceive and trick you to get your horse and then sell them for meat.  ~Declan

Meat Dealer Posing as Good Home and Taking Horses to Meat

January 9, 2013 As posted on Trent

1anThis situation has been addressed on a few times, however it is still ongoing and people need to become aware of how they can try to protect themselves and their horses from this type of unethical dealing.
There is an individual in the Kawartha Lakes area that looks for individuals giving away free or inexpensive horses. He tells the owners that he is looking for a companion for his horse. He may also say that he is looking for broodmares or a horse to train etc.
He is not just taking horses from this area. He is taking them from throughout Ontario. This person even claims to have a rescue in Ottawa sending him two horses a month to place for them. The horses are going directly to meat.
Unfortunately the horses only remain on his property long enough for a meat truck to come and pick them up or he takes them there himself. His true reason for taking these horses is to cash in on their value in the horse meat industry.
He is infact a meat dealer looking for ways to make himself some money and he has no concern for what these horses mean to the people he is taking them from and definitely no concern for the horses themselves.
This is not about the fact this person is a meat dealer. This is about the lying, cheating and intolerable manner in which he goes about his business. This needs to stop.
We are aware that not everyone cares about what he intends for their horses. This warning is for those who do care.
The horse market is in bad condition with the hay this year. Many people are offering free horses for various reasons.
The economy has made a booming business for this dealer.
This person does not work alone. He also has another male that works with him and at times will send two to three young girls to pose as the interested party in his stead. He also will send a transporter to come and pick up the horses for him.
How can you try protect yourself and your horse?  
Considering this person has already shown that he is not one for ethical dealings we aren’t sure if he has any concern for contracts or not.
  1. Do put a contract on your horse. A sample contract can be found here
  2. Raise the price of your horse above meat value.
  3. Insist on being able to visit the horse and have regular updates.
  4. Ensure that the person understands that you are to receive first rights to take the horse back should they no longer be able to keep it.
  5. Ask to see a drivers license or ID when the individual is completing the contract.
  6. Ask to go and visit the farm where the horse will be residing.
We understand that this can make it difficult for those individuals who are willing to take your horse and have nothing but the best intentions. However this person has made it impossible to trust anyone other than those you know.
Please be careful when placing your horses.

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  1. Great information Declan! Thanks for making this available. Most people assume the person interested will provide their horse a good home. These suggestions will help in making the right decision for the welfare of their horse.